"Keeping the Towgay Dream Alive"

~ Mr Chiam Joo Eng ~

Chiam Joo Seng Towgay Growers & Suppliers

Mr Chiam Joo Eng, our founder and owner started is a humble & simple man. Before he makes his name in the Towgay Industry today, he had a little educational background. Back in those early days, he was doing 2 jobs to make ends meets by transporting newspapers and as a landscaping gardener. Life was tough.


In 1969, Mr Chiam decided to try his luck by planting bean sprout (or also known to the locals as Towgay). With little savings of $120 and some hope, he began his planting project in his Hougang village. Yes, back in the days Hougang was a kampong. With help from his brother, Mr Chiam managed to grow his business and moved his farm to Lim Chu Kang in 1997.


Finally, in 2005, his eldest son, Mr Chiam Yu Feng decided to take the family business to another level. With the help of Mr Chiam's eldest son, Chiam Joo Seng Towgay Growers & Suppliers Pte Ltd (CJS Towgay), is one of the biggest Towgay players, supplying to almost all supermarkets in Singapore by 2007.


And starting in 2012, CJS Towgay pledge to bring in high quality yet affordable vegetables, fruits and unique products from ASEAN countries into Singapore, so that every Singaporean residents is able to taste the ASEAN delight foods.

At Chiam Joo Seng Towgay Growers & Suppliers Pte Ltd, 
towgay is not only our bread and butter.
We also supply other local fresh vegetables and fruits in Singapore!
Browse our humble website to find out more about our small establishment.
Towgay is our life, our dream!

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