Chiam Joo Seng Towgay Grower and

Supplier Pte Ltd. (CJS)

Chiam Joo Seng towgay grower and supplier pte ltd, CJS, is a 50 years old company and one of the leading market player in bean sprouts and fresh vegetables supplies in Singapore. Half a century ago, CJS, started as a humble Singapore bean sprout farm. Over the years, the company managed to grow their distribution networks to cover the food service sector and food retail sector across the whole of Singapore, including major supermarkets such as NTUC, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong, and established mini-mart chains such as U-star, Hao mart, fortune, Li Li Cheng etc. .In year 2015, CJS products was selected by Singapore premium supermarket, Cold Storage, for their “Fresh picks” house brand and subsequently in year 2018, CJS products was selected by Singapore largest supermarket group, NTUC, for their “Pasar” house brand.

In the recent years, due to increasing demand from the expanding clientele base of CJS, the company had also expanded the product range to include dry groceries, cooking ingredients, seasonings and condiments, FMCGs and multiple vegetable farm sources from the ASEAN region and China. The Fast expanding international export sales also helped CJS to successfully set up trade operations in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and china.

Besides the significant growth that CJS achieved year by year, the company had also embarked on technology partnerships to further enhanced the company’s value. CJS partnered with an established Singapore Biotechnology company, OTEMCHI BIOTECHNOLOGY, to successfully produced the first and only lactobacillius induced range of vegetable products, as a healthier choice range of vegetables. This is one big step forward to CJS’s goal to be the leading integrated “Farm-to-fork” supplier both in Singapore and the international market in the near future.


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Co Founder and CEO

Mr. Chiam Yu feng, is the co-founder and 2nd generation owner of CJS. In year 2007, he took over the family baton from his father and became the CEO of the company. With great market foresight and determination, together with a great team, he professionally brought the company to the next level from a humble local bean sprout farm to be an international company with operations spanning across ASEAN and China.

Products and services

  • Bean sprout and vegetable farming

  • Fresh vegetables food service and food retail distribution

  • Halal Dry food ingredients supply and distribution

  • Food retail market penetration consultancy


Achievements & Recognition

  • The 17th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2019 – Honesty Service Quality.

  • 2019 Singapore Tourism board award- Singapore heritage product.