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Towgay has been part of our lives for as long as we can remember. And surprisingly towgay is a common ingredient in most dishes across the world!


There are a wide variety of techniques used for sprouting. At Chiam Joo Send Towgay Growers & Suppliers, our towgay is grown locally. Towgay seedling are hand picked to ensure the quality of the towgay.


There are  few types of towgay that are grown here. The most common one in the market is the: 

  • Mung bean sprout: The  greenish-capped mung beans.

  • Soybean sprout: The yellow, larger-grained soybean.


Fresh water is then added three to four times a day in our towgay nursery. Every day we will check on the towgay to see their growth progress. It takes about 7 days for the towgay to fully grown and ready for packaging. 


Towgay Seedlings
Few Days Old Towgay
Ready for Packing Towgays

Bean Sprouts using

OTEMCHI Singapore Lactobacillus Technology 

"OTEMCHI" Bean Sprouts (Towgay) is a new Singapore Innovation. It involves the usage of the proprietary strains of Lactobacilli in the cultivation process. Lactobacillus is good healthy bacteria which is good for living organisms. The Otemchi Bean Sprouts have a sweet, delightful taste with a crunchy bite and are healthy (they convert sugars to lactic acid). 

About a decade ago, the younger Chiam with his cousin Mr Thomas Tan (age 49), a former engineer, started to revolutionised the labour intensive segments of the process by self-invented machines. 

Researchers on the best possible cultivation methods were also conducted, which resulted in better quality sprouts (in terms of nutrition level, etc). Studies on consumers' demands and analysis of trends were conducted, resulting in the creation of a range.

Armed with these purpose-built machines and data, the "silent revolution" started. Today, the farm survived, producing tonnes of quality Towgay per day for the local market, which consists of:
a. the Normal (mung bean) Towgay;
b. the Rootless Towgay;
c. the "Silver Sprouts" Towgay;
d. the Soya Bean Towgay;
e. the "OTEMCHI" Bean Sprouts. 


Watch out for the Otemchi logo on our Towgay packaging!


Source: Chef Tony Tee

Bean Sprouts
Soya Bean Sprouts
Silver Sprouts
Rootless Sprouts
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